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Development and characterisation of conductive screen printing pastes for ITO patterned glass and plastic substrates

The development and characterisation of screen printing inks have been performed in order to test the mechanical and electrical properties of conductive compositions to generate patterned contacts and electronics in light emitting polymer displays on ITO glass and plastic substrates. The advantages using the screen printing technology for these purposes are: uncoupling of emitting device from electronics, improved connections between electrodes and electronic circuitry and higher raggedness and resistance to scratch. The typical components of a paste to be right selected are: functional phase (Au, Pt/Au, Ag, Pd/Ag, Cu and Ni), binder (glass, a crystalline oxide) and vehicle (solvents).The development of an ink formulation includes:

- Preliminary selection of metal powders and binders (morphological shape, particle size distributions);

- Mix of two kinds of powders to produce samples with different relative concentration of binder;

- Selection of the organic carrier and its concentration to reach inks with proper viscosity;

- Studying inks' rheologic and pseudoplastic behaviours.

The characterisation of the mechanical and electrical properties is performed after the screen printing, drying and firing of these compositions to obtain the desired electrical and mechanical properties.

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