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Semantic analysis techniques

Ped-Care project aimed at smoothing the on-line relationship between learners and teachers in the framework of distance learning education through a new communication methodology and supporting tools.

A semantic analysis is one of the research fields with more potential applications in the next generation of Internet solutions.

Ped-Care research activities have provided Ped-Care partners with a deep expertise in those kinds of techniques as Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA, LSI, etc.), steeming algorithms and neural networks. All of them are suitable for being applied in application that need to improve the user interfaces providing natural language support.

Semantic analysis techniques present several applications in all sectors related to e-Business (CRM, Knowledge management, Intranets, B2C, B2E, etc.), voice applications, natural language processing.

The developed algorithms allow improving end-users interfaces for helpdesk application, online user manual, and specification of database queries etc. They have also applications in Internet and knowledge searchers.

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