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System of evaluation of on-line educational courses

Ped-Care project aimed at smoothing the on-line relationship between learners and teachers in the framework of distance learning education through a new communication methodology and supporting tools.

The system of evaluation of the courses is a method of monitoring and evaluating the courses. In particular inside the Ped Care, it has been possible to build a way to check if the new tools were able to improve the achievement of pedagogical objectives.

The system includes a way for describing:
- The e-learning process,

- The placement of specific indicators,

- The way of collecting data,

- The evaluation of the results.

This system will potentially be used inside all the e-learning courses in order to control and monitoring the achievement of the foreseen objectives.

e-Learning is becoming a more and more common way of learning all over Europe. It brings with it the need to monitor and control this different way of education. This need is important because learners and teacher are distant from one another and it is important to check the way in which the student is learning in order to prevent a possible lack of motivation. A possible solution for this problem is a system of evaluation of the courses that make possible the control and the monitoring of the pedagogical objectives. This is the reason why this result can be used in all contexts of e-learning both in training organizations and inside large organisations.

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