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The pedagogical content manager -tool

The Pedagogical Content Manager (PCM) tool facilitates the Internet access to learning contents both to teachers and learners. Based on an open and standardised architecture, this component particularly meets any organisation requirements in providing:
- A simple database of learning objects references accessible through the Internet with any Web browser.

- Multi-language editors for populating and editing this database.

- Innovative advanced searching services with personalisation of results taking into account learners characteristics, profiles and behaviours.

- Open and highly parameterisable for agile integration and deployment.

Silogic will, in particular, further exploit this component by identifying at first hand potential internal usability. It will then be possible to package the component as a commercial offer on which various integration scenarios and support services will be built. In particular, co-operation with academic partners like the Ariadne Foundation will be further investigated for providing innovative tools, which can be integrated with tier systems.

Our main customers in the aerospace industry already implements at least partially LRM techniques for their training needs; in particular Airbus has its own Training division for their own customers, targeting pilots, maintenance technicians, engineers, etc. Large sets of "learning objects" are used and fidelity of the trainees is guaranteed by the life-cycle of the aircraft (several regular trainings are needed for any type aof aircraft during several years). A component like PCM, which can be easily integrated in tier systems, will be demonstrated to key persons and awareness about other PedCare components will be raised.

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