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Optical beamforming network based on arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG)

A new optical beamforming network based on arrayed-waveguide grating (AWG) and depressive media has been invented. This novel scheme allows the straightforward implementation of highly flexible multibeam architectures, reducing the number of required optical components with respect to other proposals. The principle of operation is based in the spectral periodicity of the AWG. This architecture allows also the implementation of photonic-microwave filters.

This novel optical beamforming network offers several advantages with respect to other approaches, such as flexibility or reduced number of required components, besides the known advantages of using a photonic beamformer with regard of traditional ones based either in DSPs or RF/IF beamforming. The ability to shape and steer a beem, may be of interest to manufacturers and service providers as allows improving the performance of wireless networks and the implementation of advanced features such as user location and tracking or overcoming service drops.

More information on the OBANET project can be found on the project's website: .

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