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40GHz package design for InP MWL+MZI

The packaging of photonic integrated chips (PIC) has been investigated and developed for the PICs developed in OBANET, a Multiple Wavelength Laser (MWL) and a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (MZI) modulator. The important building blocks are: VP connector with wide band properties and high integration capability, alumina CPW lines whose geometry can be adapted to the one of the chip CPW lines while keeping the characteristic impedance at 50ohms, 50ohms wide band integrated loads.

All of these building blocks have been either simulated or measured or both. Apart from the RF issues, care has been taken for the optical coupling aspects and TEC cooling. This work will allow getting module performances close to the chip performances to be packaged, which is the main goal of the packaging activity. Because of the delay in the chip development experimental verification will not be possible within the duration of the OBANET project.

More information on the OBANET project can be found on the projects website: .

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