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Online audio/music databases: Music map similarity viewer

Music map based on similarity relationships between different regions of the music sequence.

Music Map is an innovative way for extracting and representing musical structures of MIDI files.

It is intended for advanced listening and browsing through music, for music analysis purposes and for composition.

Potential use of the software:
- Automatic extraction of the tempo (tempo value + temporal positions of the beat) and the metrics.

- Automatic extraction and representation in a similarity matrix of the motivic repetitions and variations.

- Selection of a polyphonic motive and search for similar ones in any MIDI database.

Softwares that can analyse polyphonic music are very rare. The model we use relies on different features such as pitch intervals, contour and rhythm, which offers multiple viewpoints on the sequence. Special importance is granted to perceptive considerations so that features specific to music are taken into account.

The model has been tested on several music corpus such as jazz, classical or contemporary music.
It is currently implemented in Ircam's OpenMusic environment and available to Forum Ircam members (approx. 1300 users currently).

Implementation in other music software environment such as Finale or Sibelius is foreseen. A stand-alone implementation upon industrial partner of publisher specification can be started if funding is provided.

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