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Online sound palette

The CUIDADO project aimed at developing and experimenting innovative products and services relying on a comprehensive music/audio content-based approach.

The Online Sound Palette is conceived as an online system providing access, either in intranet or over the web, to large, centralized databases of sound samples. In order to provide efficient browsing and searching features among these data, the application heavily relies on descriptions of the audio material; these descriptions mostly follow the Mpeg7 formalisation. They include structured textual (taxonomic) descriptions, as well as numerical information automatically processed from the signal. Innovative functionalities such as automatic classification of samples, or similarity search, are developed on top of these descriptions of the audio content.

Taking advantage of the intranet/Internet technology it relies on, the Online Sound Palette also aims at being a tool for online, collaborative work: users can share their own audio samples, on the basis of user groups and access rights definitions.

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