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Interacting with Eyes: Conexor lexical module (software module)

The objective of the I-EYE project was to develop new, natural forms of interaction for multilingual applications, and to evaluate their usability.

The Conexor Lexical Module (CLM) has been specified and implemented in the course of the iEye project. The component runs on Windows 98 and Windows 2000 platforms as a COM server. As described in API Specifications for Conexor Modules (iEye Project deliverable D4), CLM maintains external linguistic sources such as bilingual (as in the current project) dictionaries, monolingual dictionaries or encyclopedic databases. The information in these sources is converted into the standardized format called Custom Dictionary Format (CDF).

There is also a separate interface for maintaining user databases in the same format. The input for the CLM is a CNXQuery consisting of
- Pointer to existing dictionary
- Normalised Query Expression (NQE)
- Type and specified

The output is a CNXQueryStruct, which contains the dictionary information matching to the NQE ordered by frequency, type and specifier information provided by the CIE module. Ideally, the component should output the contextually most appropriate dictionary headword in a target language for the text token in a source language text.

CLM is implemented in Visual Basic. There is a developer’s guide that describes how to use CLM as a system component.

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