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Musical name server

To promote universality and accessibility of metadata we have designed a tool to design and exploit editorial metadata over the Internet. More precisely, an editorial metadata server has been set up and is useable with a simple query system. This server provides editorial metadata for artists and songs based on textual data gathered from file names, ID3 tag from mp3 files, duration of songs and manually provided information. Once a song is recognized by the server, its ID in the Cuidado database is returned. This ID can be used for several purposes including querying the server again to retrieve metadata about the recognized artist/song. The server also accepts incoming information and store them for further use.

We have designed and implemented two main tools to this aim:
- A php server;
- A servlet server.

Both servers use free middleware components -EasyPhp and Tomcat. These components allow the design of a flexible architecture in which the Cuidado server (both PhP and servlet) stores all information computed (descriptors), manually entered (editorial data) or automatically gathered (mp3 ID tags). Users do not need to store locally large amount of metadata. If computed data are available, the MusicBrowser retrieves them automatically when a song is added to the database and costly computation (distance matrix for example) are made on the Cuidado server once for all.

Inputs and outputs are all based on text. Here under 2 examples of queries:

http://TheSonyServer:8080/ClosestSongs?TitleName= mannix&ArtistName= Schifrin&Duration= 90
Php: http://TheSonyServer/allArtistProp.php? id=1354.

The arguments used depend on the nature of the query. Moreover, for security reasons, we cannot reveal the exact address of the server, as well as, the exact list of arguments useable for queries.

Answers are text files parsed by the Music Browser. Here under two lines of answers coming from the servlet server:

17360 SCHIFRIN, Lalo mannix 3.0
2545 CREOLE, Kid & COCONUTS, The Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy 5.0

This kind of services could be available either through a complete software suite (like Music Browser) or directly with simple subscriptions. The target audiences include music lovers, broadband access subscribers, mp3 fans, music networks and on-line sound libraries.

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