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Specification and implementation of conditional responses in GoDIS

Spoken language dialogue systems, such as automated telephone enquiry systems and hands-free in-car device control, are rapidly becoming a commercial reality. SIRIDUS aims to improve the understanding of what is required to provide reusable, robust and user-friendly spoken dialogue systems. The project demonstrators include an automated telephone operator, and an integrated toolset for dialogue researchers. One of the objectives of the SIRDIUS project was to provide architectures which allow appropriate sharing of information between modules, for example, enabling dialogue systems to generate appropriately stressed output.

Conditional responses are responses such as the ones (1Sa,b) below:
U: Can I fly on Monday?
- S: Not if you want to fly business class.
- S: Yes, if you fly economy class.

We carried out a small corpus investigation of such responses using the AMEX travel-agency data and the Verbmobil corpus of appointment-scheduling dialogues. We analysed the contexts in which these responses are used and the effect speakers achieve by using them. Subsequently, we provided a theoretical analysis of conditional responses and their function in dialogue. Then we implemented a treatment of conditional responses as an extension to the repertoire of dialogue moves handled in GoDIS.

More information on the SIRIDUS project is available on the project's web page:

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