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Online audio/music databases: Query by melody tool

A natural way for searching a musical audio database for a song is to look for a short audio segment containing a melody from the song. Most of the existing systems are based on textual information, such as the title of the song and the name of the compose. However, people often do not remember the name of the compose and the song's title but can easily recall fragments from the soloist's melody.

The task of 'query by melody' attempts to automate the music retrieval task. Given a sounds databases with hundreds or thousands of sounds, the user can submit a melody query to the application. The query is a symbolic representation of the sound (MIDI format). The user then gets as a result the list of sounds, which best fits, his query, ranked by their similarity to the query.

Previous works on QBM focused on searching in MIDI database, or on monophonic recordings. Our application does not have this limitation. We search on real sounds database, which contains polyphonic sounds.

When dealing with real polyphonic recordings we need to address several complication factors. Ideally, melodies can be represented as sequences fo notes, each is a pair of frequency and temporal duration. In real recordings two major sources of difficulty arise. The first is the high variability of the actual durations of notes. A melody can be performed faster or slower than the one dictated by the musical score (tempo variability). Furthermore, the tempo can vary within a single performance. The second complicating factor is the high variability of the spectrum due to many factors such as differences in tone colours (timer) of different singers/instruments.

We solved these problems using state of the art algorithms. We use a generative probabilistic approach that models the temporal and spectral variations.

This work was presented at SIGIR2002 " Shwartz, Dubnov, Singer and Friedman. - A robust Temporal and Spectral Modelling for Query by Melody"

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