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Audio classification and similarity tool

Search by similarity in sound effects is needed for musical authoring and search by content (MPEG-7) applications. Sounds such as outdoor ambience, machine noises, speech or musical excerpts as well as many other man made sound effects (so called "Folley sounds") are complex signals that have a well-perceived acoustic characteristic of some random nature.

In many cases, these signals cannot be sufficiently represented based on second order statistics only and require higher order statistics for their characterization. Several methods for statistical modelling of such sounds were proposed in the literature: non-gausian linear and non-linear source-filter models using HOS, optimal basis / sparse geometrical representations using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and methods that combine ICA-based features with temporal modelling (HMM).

Our application is based on a novel algorithm, which uses ICA to compute different sound models for different sound classes. We use the Mutual Information between the sound sources to classify sounds within the models.

Another application is search by similarity applications for SFX databases. We use a variat of the classification algorithm to retrieve similar sound effects from SFX database.

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