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Virtual audio mixer tool

Over the last years there has been considerable interest in multimedia systems that allow interactive involvement of the user int he watching or listening process. Idea such as letting the user to choose the angle of the camera dating broadcasting of live sport event, have appeared in Interactive TV applications. Today, advanced digital music players offer only limited digital effects that allow modifying certain global sound characteristics (mostly room or sound coloration effects) to match the user's listening preferences. Providing the possibility for manipulation a recording in a musically meaningful ways opens new possibilities in music entertainment, education and authoring applications.

Our application, which we call 'a Virtual Mixer' allows a separate, detailed control over the volume of every single instrument in a recording. Normally, the balance between the instruments is done by the recording engineers during a Multi Track recording. Allowing the user to change the mixing parameters offers a greater involvement in the musical content and creates n enriched and active listening experience. For example, when a user listens to a musical piece that contains several instruments, he might wish to adjust the balance between the individual instruments. Furthermore, he might wish to isolate few instruments from the rest.

This is done by attaching a meta-data of precise time-pitch occurrences to musical recording. The VM system consists of two main components: a robust algorithm for score alignment of polyphonic sounds and an adaptive, high resolution filtering process.

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