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Scientific handbook concerning sound and music browsing and searching

The CUIDADO project aimed at developing and experimenting innovative products and services relying on a comprehensive music/audio content-based approach.

The purpose of this result is dissemination. In itself it has neither commercial viability nor any concrete scientific impact. The main idea is to build a simple guide to promote the use of interactive content-based Search & Retrieval tools, of which CUIDADO is in a leading position.

This guide will therefore act as means to incentivise users from the general public as well as the "creative communities" OF content creators and producers to understand and use clear and open standards - such as MPEg7 and the W3C Semantic Web - when using and digitising content.

The current status (June '03) is that we are waiting for the final results from the technical partners before writing this guide, which will be in the form of a CDrom and flyers.

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