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Determining information structure from the questions under discussion (GoDIS)

Specification and implementation of information structure determination from information state in GoDIS:

Information structure is a level of utterance meaning that specifies a partitioning of the meaning according to how it fits into the context, in particular, what parts of the meaning are context-dependent vs. context-affecting, and what parts of the meaning should be distinguished from alternatives in the context.

We have employed one prominent existing approach to information structure, and specified how information structure partitioning can be derived from the information state in the GoDIS (questions under discussion) dialogue-modelling framework. In this way, different information structure partitioning of the same prepositional content can be derived in different contexts. Different languages realize information structure differently, e.g., by means of combining intonation, word order, syntactic structures, morphological marking. Determining information structure provides a uniform level of representation.

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