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Improvement of numerical simulation for coupling optimisation of smart cards and terminals

The electromagnetic modelling software ASERIS-EMC2000 has been used to optimise the design of coupler and contact-less card antennas, in view of maximising the energy transfer: coupler case dimensions, antenna distance and position, number, size and separation of turns, load impedance etc.

The 1st result is a performance of the power transfer function between card and reader improved by more than 15dB between the original design and the final design, which finally permits an effective transaction time of the order of 300ms as specified.

The 2nd result is the experience gained in the use of the software, based on Method of Moments, initially developed for simulation in the HF range (> 100MHz), in the new application area of low frequency inductive antennas. The ASERIS-EMC2000 software has been improved by a specific development to remain stable even at very low frequencies (< 10MHz) for this application.

The ASERIS-EMC2000 software suite is already used by more than 30 customers for design of electromagnetic equipment and systems. Today EADS-CCR is performing the distribution, training, user's support and maintenance directly.

More information on the OmniPurse project can be found on the project’s website:

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