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32bits core chip platform (crypto - non-crypto) secure and capable of high level performance qualified

Infineon 32-Bit Multi Application Security Controller SLE 88CX720P used in Omnipurse project is equipped with 240Kbytes ROM, 8Kbytes RAM, 80Kbytes EEPROM, a powerful Memory Management & Protection Unit, a 1100-Bit Advanced Crypto Engine, and is manufactured in 0.22µm CMOS Technology.

This high-end security controller incorporates a dedicated 32-bit smart card core. In this product, Infineon Technologies realises increased security and performance while reducing power consumption. Offering high performance at lowest power consumption, the controller family is well suited for both contactless and contact-based applications.

SLE 88CX720P fully meets the requirements for real multi-application operating systems. It allows secure operation of banking, access control, loyalty, GSM/USIM, Pay-TV, health care, and identification applications all in one chip. The advanced 0.22µm technology, the highly developed security concept, the low power optimised 32-bit core supported by various powerful peripherals, and the possibility to adapt the performance to application requirements establish the foundation for the most sophisticated applications.

More information on the OmniPurse project can be found on the project’s website:

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