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e-Learning trainer's training and e-Learning consultancy

1) e-Learning trainer's training:

Training sequences for becoming an e-tutor or/and e-producer have been developed by CWA, BFI, IB and INFREP. The pedagogical partners have integrated the trainers' training into their regular training offer and have provided it to their regional networks of training centres.

These training sessions are tailored to the specific needs of tutors / producers in training institutions working mainly with socially fragile people and comprise the following contents:

- E-tutor training module (about four training days):
-- E-learning concepts;

-- E-learning methodology and blended learning models;

-- Example of a LMS: how to use the Fellows ODLP;

-- Information-reception, Learning styles and types, Collaborative Learning;

-- Communication in the virtual classroom;

-- Coaching the learning process.

- E-producer training module (about six training days):
-- Planning, organising and assessing blended learning sessions;

-- Information inquiry, Knowledge Management;

-- Different learning scenarios, Methodical elements for successful blended learning;

-- Training course design: Storyboard, How to create multimedia elements and interactive training sequences;

-- Example of authoring software tool: Cybworkshop;

-- Creation of small blended learning unit.

2) E-learning consultancy:

Furthermore in the field of e-learning the following advisory services are offered by the Fellows partners:
- Know-how concerning pedagogical and didactical e-learning concepts;

- Technical implementation of the LMS;

- Development of a customer tailored e-learning strategy using the following approach:
-- Prospective user/customer analysis;

-- Current situation analysis;

-- Desired situation description;

-- Set vision;

-- State mission;

-- Gap analysis;

-- Conduct Force-Field and SWOT Analyses;

-- Recommendations;

-- Action Plan.

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