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Training packages based on blended learning

Training packages have been designed by CWA, BFI, IB and INFREP in their respective local language to enable socially fragile groups to develop vocational skills, personal confidence and a commitment to lifelong learning. The courses are multimedia based and utilise the new features of the Fellows platform. The Web-based training courses are integrated in a larger training programme using a blended learning approach, which alternates traditional classroom training with on-line phases.

Details of the courseware will be available via the Fellows public website. Due to the standards (SCORM) adhered to by the Fellows platform, the contents will be reusable on alternative learning platforms if necessary.

The courses that have been developed include:

- CWA, UK (courses in English):
-- Introduction to Interior Design;
-- Visual Basic.

- BFI, Austria (courses in German):
-- Application Coach;
-- Job Compass;
-- English for Computer Users;
-- Basics of HTML;
--Basic Knowledge of Internet Technology;
-- First Aid;
-- Our Viscera.

- IB, Germany (courses in German):
-- Perfect Application;
-- Woodwork;
-- Technical Communication;
-- Lathe;
-- Examining, Measuring and Gauging.

- INFREP, France (courses in French):
-- Care assistant;
-- Hostelry;
-- Communication;
-- Discover the Internet;
-- The European Union;
-- How to find a Job;
-- The Alphabetical Order.

More information on the FELLOWS project can be found at

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