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Framework for artefacts that collectively model their environment

This framework describes the principle structure and behaviour of smart artefacts that observe and collectively maintain a model of their environment.

Individual artefacts in this framework have pre-configured domain knowledge and use embedded sensing and perception to infer dynamic knowledge concerning their state and environment. Dynamically associated artefacts, such as artefacts within proximity of each other, use collaborative inferencing to reason across partial knowledge held in participating artefacts. Collections of artefacts effectively constitute a distributed knowledge base.

The framework has resulted from investigation of diverse application settings for smart artefact technology. The framework itself is independent of any target implementation platform, but has been tested, applied and demonstrated on the basis of Smart-Its devices.

The framework has been validated in the context of two different types of application:
- Artefact-centric observation of human activity, and collaborative reasoning across artefacts to support activity recognition.

- Environmental monitoring embedded in artefacts, and collaborative reasoning to proactively identify critical situations.

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University of Lancaster
LA1 4YW Lancaster
United Kingdom
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