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Database of company codes of conduct

The UnoMondo Database contains 230 codes and other relevant documents like reports and policy descriptions from companies and other organisations operating in business sectors where e-work is of particular relevance. It consists of documents as publicly available on websites, and in some cases as obtained from printed material (folders, reports) issued by companies and business associations. To classify the documents, a list of about 90 keywords was developed covering the main issues of the Unomondo Code of Practice.

Potential Application: The Unomondo Database enables searches for keywords covered, provides statistics on overall keyword coverage and makes the documents contained accessible in full text. It thus presents a unique knowledge base on codes of practice and related means of ethical regulation of global e-work.

Access to the UnoMondo Database is free. It can be used both by researchers and companies interested in examples for regulating e-work. The UnoMondo Database supports both the development of codes of practice regarding e-work and corresponding research.

Application sectors: All industrial sectors operating across national borders.

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