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Guidelines for cross-border e-work arrangements including a model code of practice for e-work across borders

"The UnoMondo Guidelines and Code of Practice for e-Work Across Borders: Guidelines for cross-border e-work arrangements including a model code of practice for e-work across borders."

The Code of Practice addresses aspects specific to e-work across national borders and focuses on work conditions, data protection and security, work technologies and tools, contribution to progress in the countries of operation, and environmental considerations.

The Code aims to supplement national and international standards for work across borders, facilitated by information and communication technologies. The Code may be applied partly as complementary to existing company policies or in full.

Users and endorsers of the Code are multinational companies/other organisations and the addressees are policy- and decision-makers at corporate level and at business entities/virtual offices abroad. The values expressed in the code are also applicable to suppliers, subcontractors and local partners.

Complementary to legislation and general corporate policies, the code provides to the enterprises a management tool for e-work across national borders and contributes to:
- Improved business performance.

- Improved attractiveness to recruit the most qualified people.

- Improved exchange of global knowledge and smoother cooperation between dispersed entities.

- Reduced risk for conflicts with stakeholders.

- Enhanced public relations and company reputation.

- Support to internal initiatives addressing international operations and technology use.

Application sectors: All industrial sectors operating across national borders.

Potential barriers: The Industrial Code of Practice is related to corporate values and business ethics. Attitudes and the opinion of key players in an organisation may take long time to change.

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