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A tool kit for supporting/facilitating introduction, implementation and monitoring of guidelines for cross-border e-work

"The UnoMondo Tool Box: A tool kit for supporting/facilitating introduction, implementation and monitoring of the UnoMondo Guidelines."

The UnoMondo Tool Box includes:
- Three training packages/�slide shows� for interest creation, introduction, internal learning and implementation.

- Guidelines for implementation: General implementation model.

- Examples on methodologies for good implementation practices.

- General and specific tools for monitoring/auditing for the code compliance

The training packages can be used when disseminating the ideas of the VIP initiative within an organisation or when implementing the UnoMondo Code of Practice. The implementation models and the implementation cases - providing overviews of stages and activities included and good examples � are aimed at facilitating implementation of the UnoMondo Code of Practice. The tool for monitoring/auditing suggests a method to monitor the implemented Code.

Users of the tools in the UnoMondo Tool box are in the first place companies that intend to implement the UnoMondo Code of Practice. Especially smaller organisations, that do not have own experience of policy development and established implementation models and channels for information exchange with the stakeholders, can benefit from using the UnoMondo Tool Box.

The content of the UnoMondo Tool Box is in many cases ready for use in an organisation.

Application sectors: All industrial sectors interested in implementing the UnoMondo products.

Potential barriers: Companies may be reluctant to introduce new implementation and monitoring methods.

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