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SmartDoc fly-through viewer

The increasing number and availability of geo-referenced datasets leads to the need for tools to analyse them, and Fly-Through Viewer represents an easy and user-friendly way to visualize such data, using advanced 3D capabilities.

The exploration of the terrain is carried out by simulating a flight according to one of the following modalities:
- Manually inserts the coordinates of the points belonging to the flight path.

- Set the path by clicking over a 2D (nadir) image: the clicked points are the nodes of the path.

- The progression of the resulting flight is shown in real-time in a 3D viewport; the application allows the user to control several parameters related to the flight, such as the speed and the altitude.

- In order to provide the possibility of returning to earlier steps of interaction sessions and visualizations, a SmartDoc feature called “Bookmark” is implemented. A bookmark is basically a snapshot of the application component at a particular moment, showing a particular state of a Fly-Through session.

- The SmartDoc hyperlink concept has been implemented in the Fly-Through component, allowing direct references to fly-through scenarios and analyses to be made from within the text of SmartDoc enabled documents.

- Validated through knowledge Geographic Information Systems (GIS for short) environment.

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