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Application sharing SmartDoc volume viewer

SmartDoc VolumeViewer comes in three versions that address the different usage areas stand-alone analysis, archiving and remote collaboration. The visualization and analysis features are the same in all versions. The stand-alone application component is meant for desktop or laptop examinations, meaning that the user can perform the examination of the patient data on his or her personal computer, at work, at home or while travelling.

VolumeViewerX is an ActiveX version of the stand-alone VolumeViewer. It is equipped with additional functionality that interfaces the Smartdoc document components in order to create true dynamic documents with the ability to use hyperlinks and to store any desired data within the document file. A dynamic document in the medical workflow is an interactive and dynamic patient report that easily can be distributed and archived. The patient data is stored in the same file as the describing text and the reader can interact with the patient data directly in the document.

VolumeViewerNet is the network version and is equipped with a communication object that enables collaborative analysis by two or more remotely situated users.

VolumeViewerNet provides an easy approach to collaborative visualization enabling the users to intuitively start and connect to a collaborative session in order to exchange knowledge and expertise.

Medical applications of the Smartdoc concept reflect the functionality of the software in extending interactive images into the clinician’s and medical researcher’s normal working environment. A clinician issued with a radiologist’s report for use in clinic is provided only with a verbal description and not with access to the images themselves. In many cases these descriptions can be quite complex particularly where pathology has affected the structure of normal organs and led to the displacement or destruction of normal structures. SmartDoc allows the clinician to embed images within clinical and research reports in order to illustrate findings and observations that are made in the text.

Smartdoc goes beyond this simple functionality and makes the images and fully interactive within the report document. The availability of a free downloadable Viewer encourages the widespread use and publication of interactive medical reports. This structure meets a number of significant demands that can be implemented in clinical practice.

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