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A set of document authoring components for creating interactive dynamic documents including bookmark, data structure and hyperlink components

The Smartdoc document components are the backbone of Smartdoc dynamic documents. They provide the functionality that makes it possible to store and retrieve data from documents and to use hyperlinks that scrolls the document and accesses bookmarks in the visualization components. The document components consist of storage tools and hyperlink tools.

SmartDoc brings interactive and collaborative visualization into reports in industry standard MS Word format. The normal contents of a report, text and images, are extended with interactive 2D/3D visualization, image, analysis and decision support. Data and bookmarks are integrated into the document structure, which make the SmartDoc just as easy to handle as a traditional document. The reader is given a more active role and can interact with the embedded data in order to gain a better understanding of the report’s contents. The author prepares visualization bookmarks, i.e. stores certain visualization parameters that can be used at any time in order to highlight a specific view that is being described in the text. SmartDoc hyperlinks are special document components that enable access to bookmarks within the embedded application component. Using hyperlinks, a SmartDoc can contain “guided reading paths.” The author uses hyperlinks to define a certain reading order and can prepare a report intended for different groups of readers.

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