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High throughput experimentation demonstrator (HTE VIEWER)

This application has been designed as a customised visualiser for data derived from the High Throughput Experimentation (HTE) domain. The application is entirely built up from COM components embedded in a visual basic interface. Part of the reason for developing the application was to test the performance of COM in data intensive visualisation.

The application imports HTE data stored in Excel spreadsheets and makes available coupled scatter and parallel co-ordinate plots to allow the user to visually and interactively explore and filter the data.

Using common toolkits developed elsewhere in the project two related versions of this application are available:
- A version that enables collaboration over the network via the application.

- A set of embeddable derived from the HTE viewer that the user can insert in word documents and other applications, which enable the user to create customisable visually interactive documents (“Smartdoc”).

All forms of this application are available for download from the smartdoc website, together with other documentation and evaluation results.

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