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The Worlds studio: Client project management component and client versioning system

Client Project Management Component:
This component is used to collect and manage data needed for the project manager. It retrieves the time spent on the different tools, links this automatically in a log file, which can be used for a Gant diagram or equivalent.

It helps the project manager for knowing the advance of the project, and the difference between the forecasted and the real tasks. Ultimately, a tool being used in wide media productions has to ensure far-reaching control for the management in charge. Important values such as time, costs, productivity and alike must be measurable and therefore transparent.

Client Versioning System:
It is the component, which manages the connexion, and the data transfer with the versioning system located on the server. It is embedded in the client in a such way that every manipulated data will be handled within the versioning system. The Worlds Studio Client Versioning System ensures that no media breaks are generated by the data transfer between Server and clients. This is one of the important objectives for an environment to be used by teams.

Tools manager for virtual environment design and production:
The tools manager component enables the WS client to register the tools he can launch. It makes a link between the tools and the objects the user wants to use them for. It adds the tools in the project management recording process, which records the activation of the different processes, and counts the time spend on a tool, writing log these information in a database on the repository.

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