Servizio Comunitario di Informazione in materia di Ricerca e Sviluppo - CORDIS

Disseminating the advanced tools and methods for virtual environment design and production -project

Worlds Studio external web site:
Worlds Studio external web site at http://www.worlds-studio info presents the Worlds Studio Consortium, each Partner of this Consortium, the Project’s state of development and the project’s results. The main navigation consists of the Project description itself, Partners, Events and News. The site enables contacting the consortium as well as the partners involved. All meetings and reviews are published on the site.

Worlds Studio Project Brochure:
The Worlds Studio brochure presents the project and its objectives on the one hand, and the website’s basic information on the other. Above all, it will accompany the project on exhibitions in order to reach potential users and customers with all basic information for contacting the consortium. Furthermore, all partners participating partners in this project use this instrument for sending to their partners of potential interest (such as potential users and customers, multipliers and media). Therefore the brochure is held in high gloss in order to catch attention and to attract.

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