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Graphical user interface

The architecture of the WS platform, its procedures and functionalities along the production workflow reflect in its interface for the user.

Therefore designing the GUI of the WS platform means bringing together the whole collection of user requirements in a well designed and manageable user interface.

The different requirements have to be mapped out as tools whose shape and function must enable the full scope of features discussed in the URD. In the final version of URD the disposition of user requirements now refers to the different roles that were outlined in the Collaborative requirements.

This layout of the WS GUI is designed for:

Media content creators:
Media Designers mainly use specific content creation tools (i.e. Photoshop or Studio3D Max). For them it is important to work seamless with their personal palette of production tools, which is offered by the WS platform that acts as a kind of “mothership” for all the applications that are needed by the Designer.

With its toolbox for asset management the GUI of the WS platform supports easy access and storage during the production workflow offering two views on the WS data repository: one can work both project-orientated and focused on content ( i.e. global search of objects ).

The drag&drop-metapher for the management of media data is consistently implemented in the asset management of the WS platform.

The WS platform also offers a lot of tools, which are important for the collaborative communication between the different roles in a production.

Media integrators and programmers:
The same user interface can mainly be used by the media integrators who work with special hi-level authoring tools. For them seamless integration and management of the separate media files and types is the most important feature of the WS platform, since the creation of the actual interactive structures is done in specialized tools. Versioning systems like the CVS in WS platform ensure the use of final and approved versions of files. The standardized data format that will be use by the WS platform.

Text is one of the easiest media types to handle. In the palette of data formats, the exchange of written code, its implementation, debugging and approval can be managed by the presented GUI and provides a consistent user interface even for programmers.

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