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The Worlds studio: RichMedia2003 workshop

The Worlds Studio Consortium organized the First International Workshop on Interactive Rich Media Content Production: Architectures, Technologies, Applications and Tools, which was held from 9th to 10th of October 2003 in Lausanne, Switzerland. This Workshop on Interactive Rich Media Content Production addresses the issues of productivity and interactivity in digital content. The workshop was organized by the Worlds Studio IST project and is sponsored by the 3eme cycle romand and EURASIP.

It is the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied rich media processing. Therefore, The RICHMEDIA2003 workshop brought together leading engineers and scientists in rich media content production from around the world. After a six month lasting Call for Paper, 75 Papers have been reviewed by members of the Worlds Studio Consortium. As Result of the Reviewing Process, 17 Papers were accepted. These Papers were presented during the RichMedia2003 Workshop in Lausanne. At the End of the two Days lasting Workshop, a special Worlds Studio Panel was held by the Worlds Studio Consortium, presenting the state of development of the Worlds Studio platform to international specialists from Europe, Asia and North America, followed by a discussion panel to collect in the experts’ comments.

Hereafter the Conference Programme giving the details about Panels, Papers and speakers:

Heritage Explorer through Real and Virtual Museum
by Yong-Moo Kwon, Tae-Sung Lee, Seun Ryu and Jae-Kyung Seol
Korea Institute of Science & Technology, Seoul, Korea

Predictive Interest Management: An Approach to Managing Message Dissemination for Distributed Virtual Environments
By Graham Morgan & Fengyun Lu
University of Newcastle, UK

A Resource Description and Capability Exchange: Architecture for Universal Multimedia Access Enabled System
By Andrew Perkis, Jijun Zhang, Tor Halvorsen
The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway

Functionally-based Augmented Sculpting
By Valery Adzhiev, Peter Comninos, Maxim Kazakov, Alexander Pasko
Bournemouth University, UK; Digital Media Professionals, Tokyo, Japan; Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan

2D Physics-Based Deformable Shape Models: Explicit Governing Equations
by Stelios Krinidi and Ioannis Pitas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

MPEG-4 Extension for Complex Patterned Textures
By Neeharika Adabala, Chris Joslin and Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
MIRALab - University of Geneva, Switzerland

JPEG 2000 vs. JPEG in MPEG Encoding
By V.G. Ruiz, M.F. L/opez, I. Garc/ya and E.M.T. Hendrix
Universidad de Almer/ya, Spain

Signifiance Analysis of HVXC Speech Coding Parameters at High Frequency
By R. Rodriques, F. Perdiagao and A. Navarro
Aveiro University, Portugal

Super High Definition Digital Cinema Delivery System with 8 million pixel resolution
By Tetsuro Fujii, Daisuke Shirai, Takahiro Yamaguchi, Mitsuru Nomura and Tatsuya Fujii,
NTT Network Innovation Laboratories, Kanagawa Japan

Wavelet-based vs. DCT-based Progressive Compression of Biological Specimens Images
By V.G. Ruiz, J.J. Fern/andez, M.F. L/opez, I. Garc/ya
University of Almer/ya., Spain

ShowFace: A Framework for Personalized Face Animation
By Ali Arya, Babak Hamidzadeh
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Emotional Speech Databases: A Review
By Dimitrios Ververidis and Constantine Kotropoulos
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

A MAYA Exporting Plug-in for MPEG-4 FBA Human Characters
By Yacine Amara, Mario Gutierez, Frederic Vexo and Daniel Thalmann
VRLab, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

MPEG – 4 Compliant Information Extraction from an Animated Face in MAYA
By Charalampos Laftsidis, Constantine Kotropoulos, Ioannis Pitas
Department of Informatics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Motion Editing with prioritized constraints
By Ronan Boulic, Benoit le Callennec, Martin Herren, Herbert Bay
VRLab, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Design and Benchmarking of Human-Computer Interface for keyboard encoding of hand gestures.
By Nicoletta Adamo-Villani, Gerardo Beni
Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA; University of California at Riverside, USA

Partly-Specified Priority Patterns in Natural Language Parsing within Dialogues Systems
By Gergely Kovasnai, Constantine Kotoropoulos, and Ioannis Pitas
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

Worlds Studio – Advanced Tools and Methods for Virtual Environment Design and Production
By Laurent Denizot
EADS, Paris, France

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