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The Worlds studio Client and administration system

Worlds Studio Client:
The client, located on the users’ computers, is a IDE able to launch external tools to work on the data. It downloads from the repository, via the versioning system, the data needed by the users. These work on the local copy and then they upload the new version, once the improvement is done. Each user do not have all the data downloaded on his computer, he only has the data he works with. The gathering of all the data are only made by the integrator, he will use the client to collect all the data and put them on the integration server. The client software has an external tool manager, which provides ways for the user to associate the software he wants to manipulate the data. The tool is launched by the Worlds-studio client. The client has the versioning client module, the catalogue browser, a media viewer.

Administration System:
The administration component takes care of the users, roles and projects administration. A database stores the user profile (name, login, password, role). The user is associated with a role, the role is linked with the rights and the views over the project the user will have. It is compound of a small database and of a software controller, which creates the views and the links with the repository. In the databases, the projects are defined, and associated with a list of users and their role for this task. This component is on the repository server.

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