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Populated virtual environments

Results of the The Virtual Man (VMAN) project will be used by CSTB as a support for design reviews and evaluation studies. Indeed CSTB has long been involved in sharing and disseminating information to construction companies on both national and European levels. CSTB is a major player on the AEC sector and delivers specialised information to the building professionals in particular through regulations, innovative methods and technologies aiming to improve their business processes. In terms of dissemination and exploitation of the results of VMAN, CSTB aims at:
- Experimenting, evaluating and demonstrating new Virtual Reality technologies in terms of exploitation perspectives for the construction sector.

- Disseminating and transferring technological advances and best practices solutions towards the whole construction profession which is currently just starting to use Virtual Reality applications but has not yet used digital models from real sources to produce interactive scenes.

Use of the VMAN prototype by the CSTB to support dedicated services for urban planners and architects, in particular the ability to evaluate their design from different points of view (technical, environmental, etc.) and to interact with the design in order to compare different scenarios. These services will benefit from the Reality Centre™ that CSTB has set up (this centre is now operational and is dedicated to design reviews of urban and architectural scenes). The center will host design reviews for
- Building projects and

- Urban (re) development actions.

A consultancy offer now allows stakeholders (local authorities, users, planners, etc.) to use the center along with the software tools developed in order to evaluate different scenarios for urban (re) development. Furthermore, it is envisaged to use the Reality Centre in the process of public inquiries. Indeed, these inquiries are usually dealt with in a very summary way since citizens have rarely access to clear and readable information (this information uses generally 2D drawings for which special skills are required). Therefore, public presentations using CSTB’s Reality Centre and VMAN tools would allow to deliver intuitive information about the planned actions and thus increase citizens implication in actions having direct impact on their quality of life.

The VMAN SDK will be used to populate construction projects (buildings and urban scenes) in order to make the design reviews more realistic and convincing for stakeholders and therefore solving a major drawback of the current set of services offered: the built environments projects are very realistic but lack of animation and life. VMAN SDK will also be used to develop specific applications for testing evacuation procedures from buildings and public spaces in case of emergencies (fire, terrorist attacks, etc.)

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