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Body scanning for character animation

Glasgow University was in charge of the creation of the VMEN based on data generated from photographs. The main result is the design and implementation of a complete workflow going from the data capture from real humans to their integration in virtual environments.

The key innovative features are the following:
- Accurate conformation of real scanned data to any mesh topology and resolution.

- User-friendly software allowing any type of user to texture human bodies using a couple of photographs.

- 3D Studio Max plug-in for segmentation and the automatic skinning of a human 3D model based on a set of postures created by the user.

- Generation of 3D garments by scan subtraction.

An exhaustive report about legal issues related to the creation and the usage of virtual character 3D scans was also produced (“Legal Assessment of Issues Regarding the Scanning of Individuals for the V-Man Project”). Finally, papers were published at international conferences.

With the future commercialisation of the VMAN SDK, Glasgow University will be the ideal partner to provide the required virtual human body library, most likely, through its spin off company "Virtual Clones".

Moreover, the results will be used at starting points for further research within the laboratory.

More information on the Virtual Man project can be found at

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