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Multimodal control system

The Sail Labs Conversational System is a man-machine dialog system for spontaneous, speaker independent, natural dialog interaction.

The result of the V-MAN project is the integration of the Conversational System into the V-Man 3D core, so that V-Man avatars can interact with the user using voice commands.

The integration into the V-Man 3D core has been implemented in terms of a plug-in.

An XML-style information exchange has been specified and implemented to:
- Notify the dialog system about objects, persons and locations in the 3D space.

- Notify the 3D code about user commands.

In the event of ambiguous commands the dialog system is capable to resolve the conflicting information through asking disambiguating questions. These questions are asked using text-to-speech technology.

User: "John, go to the chair"
System: "The red chair or the blue chair"
User: "The red one"

In this scenario the dialog system notifies the 3D code about the request of the user to move and sit avatar "John" on the red chair.

Potential offered for further dissemination and use:
- Reduce cost of customer interaction.

- Reduce waiting time on hotlines.

- Free human resources from repetitive work.

- Enable life-like virtual worlds.

More information on the Virtual Man project can be found at

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