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A set of collaborative components for extending an existing COM application to support collaborative visualization

A set of collaborative components for extending an existing COM application to support Collaborative Visualization. The tools are used together with free available MS DirectX library and form the foundation for SmartDoc Virtual Collaborative Teams:

The Smartdoc collaborative components are the backbone of a Smartdoc collaborative session. This scenario of a SmartDoc application is the collaborative version based on Microsoft’s DirectPlay. The SmartDoc collaboratory network version includes a collaborative environment where two or more users can meet together is cyber space displaying and interacting with the same dataset remotely. Bookmarks and annotations can also be used in the collaborative session.

There are multiple ongoing or completed projects in the area of collaborative visualization systems. Unfortunately, many of these frameworks are using an architecture that makes them hard to modify, reuse, or extend with new functionality. SmartDoc has not tried to invent yet another collaborative system and network protocol. SmartDoc application components benefit from Microsoft’s DirectPlay that was used to program multiplayer network games and provides classes that handle low-level network communication. The DirectPlay layer separates the network layer from the application layer, i.e. the application itself does not have to communicate with the network, which provide collaborative visualization to SmartDoc’s components.

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