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Software and formal assessment of data exploration system for multi-parametric image data

We have developed software to allow data exploration of multispectral image datasets, which allows a clinician to explore multispectral images in order to identify tissues with similar properties. The approach to image analysis is novel and answers a growing need as the use of multispectral datasets increases due to improvements in the technical abilities of magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and digital isotope-based imaging methods. The potential applications of this approach include clinical applications, of interest to radiologists, and medical research.

The analysis package is unique at the present time and is an ideal basis for a medical workstation tool. There is no competing product at the present time. The application is specifically designed to deal with calculated secondary or parametric images which are increasingly commonly used particularly in the field of MRI and CT. Further work for the development of this approach must include publication of the concept and testing of the data exploration approach in combination with clinical parametric datasets.

University of Manchester is an academic partner and has no plans for commercial exploitation. Academic exploitation will continue. The software is already in use as a tool to support a number of ongoing medical research projects.

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