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Component based DICOM toolkit

The component based DICOM Toolkit is a set of COM based libraries for use by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) for searching, retrieving, reading and loading DICOM data into COM compliant applications.

The Toolkit gets images from DICOM compliant digital archives (i.e., central DICOM servers, local DICOM Dirs, or DICOM CDs/DVDs), to search, find and retrieve patient study that may consist of an individual or a series of digital images.

The Toolkit is specifically designed to work in a PACS environment, by using the DICOM 3.0 network protocol as the standard to interconnect with third-party devices. Its internal organizational structure thus resembles the DICOM 3.0 object hierarchy, by distinguishing between different patients, studies, series and images levels.

Generally, images can be routed to DICOM reader local database from different data sources, including:
- Direct storage from other DICOM-compliant devices,

- Query and retrieve from a DICOM server (e.g., from a PACS),

- Import from DICOM CD-ROMs.

The DICOM reader can be integrated in the Volume ViewerX, and used to “de-coded” DICOM files that are visualized in 3d by the Volume ViewerX.

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