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NET based, office and WEB embeddable WEB viewer

The .NET based, Office and WEB enabled version of the WEB Viewer is a web compliant solution for examining medical images over an intranet or the Internet. The Web Viewer gets images from DICOM compliant digital archive servers to display and manipulate patient study that may consist of an individual or a series of digital images

The Web Viewer can be used as a “stand alone” application through the Microsoft Internet Explorer or can be embedded within documents (E.g., Word, Power Point) to view CT, MR, X-ray, Digital X-ray (DX), Digital Mammography X-ray (MG), Digital Intra-oral X-ray (IO), XA/XR, NM, RF, OT, Ultrasound, CR and many other types of images, from monochrome through to 24-bit true colour.

The current version of the Web Viewer is a very thin application that does not need major components, applets, plug-ins to be downloaded for being used. It is a really Web based application that does not need data to be “moved” from the image archive server to the viewing client in that it embeds images into Web compatible format, and it does not require that the viewing client have locally installed and registered components capable to “read” DICOM images: DICOM images are read form the server and trans-coded into Web compatible format before they are broadcasted to the viewing client.

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