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Portable software toolset

The SDL-SAFE project originates from the pressing requirement to test, measure and validate the quality and conformance of SDL generated code for critical communications and control systems. The project has reviewed this requirement in the context of the capabilities of Small and Medium sized Enterprises and seeked to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution.

The portable software toolset implements the specification from the Requirements Analysis and follows the software development lifecycle of design, implementation and testing. The software tool implementation follows a progressive prototype approach, which includes the following major milestones:
- SDL system Analyser;

- SDL system Quality Assessor using Metrics Mechanisms;

- Metrics configuration tool;

- Assessment reporting tool.

The following tools have been developed as parts of the SDL-SAFE Toolset:
- A Syntax/Structure Analyser and

- A Semantic Analyser.

The Syntax/Structure Analyser checks that the SDL system satisfies the SDL language and structure. In particular it checks:
- All syntax as defined in SDL language;

- All rules and structure use;

- Informal propositions.

A syntax/structure Analyser provides an interface to configure or override automated checking. It can also be used to manually step thought the checks.

The Semantic Analyser checks that the SDL system is defined in a complete manner, that it is self-consistent. The Analyser reads in the SDL text. The analysis of a .PR file identifies syntactic errors and allows semantic checking. The evaluation process includes the definition of quality rules for the SDL notation, which influence the quality criteria of McCall’s quality model. These rules can be grouped according to the elements that influence the quality of an SDL system. The grouping of rules are very helpful to the assessment process, since each group of quality rules affects one ore more quality criteria and there is no need to map each rule separately to the criteria.

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