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Noise and vibration optimised integrated propulsion system design for two concept fast ferries

Propulsion system design work has concentrated on the examination of all the propulsion system and economic options for the two concept fast ferries with inputs from and close collaboration with the two shipbuilders.

Selection of the propulsion system components has been completed. This will, together with consideration of their noise and vibration transmission characteristics, allow choosing of the most suitable isolators. In the case of the Fjellstrand JumboCat the propulsion system will be diesel drive to water jets through a reduction gearbox. The NORMA propulsion system development activities will focus on optimised engine and gearbox mounting systems and on a technology demonstration of Active Noise Control (ANC) of a simulated diesel exhaust.

In the case of the gas turbine installation the propulsion system installation design process addressed the key issues of gas turbine (MT30) structural noise and engine installation, MT30 exhaust noise, package enclosure design and weight, and gearbox design and noise characteristics. It is proposed to develop these tools to provide an installation design model to enable predictions of vibration transmission into a ship structure for a range of installation options.

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