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Design specification and approval of a new trimaran surface effect ship (SES) fast ferry

The expansion of the fast ferry market requires new designs with major performance improvements to enable economic development of existing and new routes:
- Drag reduction to enable economic trade-offs of the benefits of

- High speeds or reduced fuel consumption;

- Increased range or reduced transit times;

- New hull designs to reduce wakes and open up more inshore routes.

The ‘Mistral’ SES concept design has been developed to meet these requirements by Chantiers de L’Atlantique. The trimaran hull encloses air cushions with rubber skirts between the inner and outer hulls. Lift fans in the outer hulls generate the air cushion. The Mistral is designed to carry 1200 passengers and 250 cars, and achieve 60 knots with 2 waterjets each powered by 30MW gas turbines.

A technical specification of CAT ‘Mistral’ fast ferry will be validated, and a design approval of this new concept design will ensure that it is a technical feasible and safe baseline ferry project.

So, all necessary drawings and documents (general arrangement, mid-ship section, watertight integrity and preliminary damage study for example) are realised.

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