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Design specification of a JumboCat catamaran fast ferry

The Fjellstrand concept design is a development of existing successful medium sized catamaran ferries. The new design will have a totally new and extended interior passenger accommodation space. This requires improved noise reduction and isolation, to achieve better than current noise standards.

The propulsion system will be diesel drive to water jets through a reduction gearbox. The NORMA propulsion system development activities will focus on optimised engine and gearbox mounting systems and a technology demonstration of Active Noise Control (ANC) of a simulated diesel exhaust.

A technical/design specification of a high-speed catamaran ferry has been made. A validation of the specification is done. Noise level targets are given. General arrangement and safety drawings are made. Structural drawings are made. A class design review is completed. Full-scale measurements of noise during construction period have been completed. Noise levels have been calculated by NORMA calculation model to find noise levels. Various NORMA noise reduction methods are included in calculation and it is found that the target can be met.

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