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Analyte derivatives and immunogens were prepared for the target substances. This phase was followed by immunising appropriate numbers of antibody producing units. The maturation of the immune response was followed by specific ELISA monitoring tests. Antibodies to most of the target analytes were successfully prepared with the exception of the difficult group (nonyl phenol. MTBE, glyphosate). The quality of antibodies varied across the panel, influenced by the structure of individual analytes. Competitive ELISA and parameters pf assay response were developed for the target substances using a second set of analyte derivatives (critical part of immunochemistry WP) and antigen-coated assay methods. Purified antibodies were isolated using individual affinity chromatography procedure. This involved the preparation of column material and optimisation of elution systems. The provision of preparative quantities of pure antibodies was critical to the success of the project.

Deliverables included: pure antibodies, analyte derivatives, immunoassay methods, cross reaction data.

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