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The Ecopadev web-based tool for decision-making

The Ecopadev web-based tool for decision-making usable at internet to support local authorities to promote sustainable development in technology parks and in their networks nationally and globally, and promote sustainable development in industrial areas as well as among individual companies:

The main objective of this tool is to provide a guide for Local Authorities to improve urban governance and decision-making through the Eco-Industrial Park approach, as a mean to achieve sustainable development.

The decision making tool has been developed focusing on Local Authorities as main users, but it is also possible for Park Management Organisations to use the tool for their own individual improvement.

The Ecopadev web based tool combines two elements:
- The evaluation methodology, which is focused on gathering data for evaluating the situation of the Park towards sustainability.

- A set of indicators for quantifying the evolution of the quality urban life including the survey of the achievements obtained through the implementation of the improvement suggestions provided by the evaluation method.

The special structure of the Ecopadev web based tool enables providing a questionnaire appropriated to the data availability of each user, and improvement suggestions suitable for the situation of the park. This step-by-step approach is one of the main differences presented by the ECOPADEV decision making tool.

The result of the use of the tool is the improvement of economic performance of companies while minimising the environmental and social impacts.

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