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Environment, productions processes and materials content of the Ecopadev tool

The main elements of this result are:
- Questionnaire for data gathering: The information about the park studied is obtained by an interactive set of questions that covers all aspects and issues regarding the following domains: limits and targets; pollution prevention; waste; wastewater; air emissions; noise; risk assessment; biodiversity; materials and production processes.

- Weighting procedure: The weighting procedure considers elements regarding the activities of a management structure towards the improvement of the considered aspects as well as performance (quantitative) data. The assessment method combines the parameters in order to measure data.

- Indicators: Indicators are calculated from the answers given by the user to the above mentioned questionnaire. They have been selected with the aim of assessing relevant aspects of this topic.

- Improvement suggestions: relevant recommendations for improving the situation in the park are provided.

- Default values: in specific cases average values will be provided, in order to enable the user to get some more information out of general situations.

- Glossary of terms: glossary for clarification of technical terms is provided.

- Local reference system: it allows the user inserting own values, objectives and targets regarding the aspects reflected in that section.

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