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Energy content of the Ecopadev tool

Within the tool, the topic relating to Energy contains a number of question that deal with subjects such as energy strategy, energy targets and energy consumption. The parks progress on the way towards sustainability is marked by the calculation of a number of indicators as well as the calculation of a general score on the topic of ‘Sustainable Building and Energy’.

The main purpose is to make the user of the tool aware of energy consumption and possible improvements, for which a number of so called improvement suggestions are suggested, especially in areas where the parks performance is weak.

Use of the tool is not limited to a unique effort. Repeated use of the tool following implementation of improvement suggestions will guide the user further and deeper into the tool, presenting further and more advanced possibilities to improve performance with respect to energy consumption and to make further progress on the road towards a true ecoindustrial park.

Knowledge on and experience with energy consumption and possibilities for energy saving measures was used to build an instrument that can help users of the tool to substantially reduce energy consumption and therefore energy cost. In the current project, the application is tailored to eco-industrial parks, but it can be made to apply to any stationary consumer of energy, i.e. energy from transportation is not included. In addition to reducing energy consumption of buildings and therefore of energy costs, energy saving techniques usually have a positive effect on comfort for the tenants, increasing productivity and decreasing absence due to sickness.

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