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Sustainable building and marketing content of the Ecopadev tool

The results from the work of KTH in the project is related to both the methodology and the specific topic areas that KTH and the subcontractor of KTH (Ingenieurburo Trinius) developed for the ECOPADEV tool. Output from the project as a whole are both related to empirical results from the technology parks participating in the project (practical experiences) and to advances of theory and research methods. The dissemination activities, including national and international conferences and journals, carried out in the project were expected to enhance knowledge both with regards to theory and empirical results from studies of environmental policy integration in technology parks.

The focus area of KTH was concerned with “sustainable marketing” while KTH subcontracted Ingenieurburo Trinius, Hamburg Germany, for involvement on the development of the subject “sustainable building”. Building related issues were one of the thematic fields to be covered by the tool developed within the Ecopadev project. The subcontractor contributed significantly to the set up of the methodology applied in the tool, throughout all thematic sections. Mainly, the contribution to the methodology development was related to the translation of the general evaluation concept into a structured method and an applicable concept for reference-comparison-based assessments and dynamic weighting procedures. The work on the methodology was carried out in close cooperation with GAIKER.

Due to the significant and very tight linkage of the thematic fields on building and energy, these two thematic fields of the tool were eventually merged together. The section on sustainable building and energy was thereby developed in close cooperation also with ECN.

The main result of the subcontract is the technical content of the section on energy and sustainable building.

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