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Ecopadev project deliverables

Deliverables resulting from the project compile relevant information about:
- Case studies regarding Eco-Industrial concept application.

- Description of the developed decision-making tool.

- Application procedures and experiences regarding the use of the decision-making tool.

- Dissemination actions and exploitation plans.

- Description of Eco-Parks Management Structures and conflicts of interests.

Therefore Deliverables are considered a key information source about all the aspects considered during the developement of the decision-making tool.

The list of the deliverables is:
- Current Situation of Industrial Parks Management in Europe.
- Comparative results between experiences in Europe.
- List of existing Local Authorities procedures to improve the quality of urban areas and information gaps.
- Evaluation methodologies for obtaining baseline data.
- List of indicators for decision-making.
- Eco-Park Management Structure.
- Description of extra-net systems.
- Baseline data comparative report.
- List of selected specific indicators and its evolution.
- Quantified improvements in environmental, social and economic aspects.
- Decision tools description. Application procedures and limitations.
- Exploitation and Dissemination Strategy and Plans.
- List of specific diffusion events.
- List of criteria of management project success.
- A consensus proposal of procedures to solve “conflicts of interest”.

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